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First common-rail direct injection diesel engine

Instead, the engine Air compressors is used. Engine, instead of compressed air to enhance heat than the engine once the power is intended to supplement the open. This is the basic difference between the diesel engine and the gas is between.You if you are interested in diesel engines, but you also must understand the different types of the same. The first common-rail direct injection diesel engine ranking will be extensive. This is fairly modern invention, and is the principle of direct injection engine systems. CRDI engine to improve the handling and mileage, improves performance. Robert Hoover, and the Fiat Group is the development of the present invention is widely used, eventually, Robert Bosch, Germany, sold to the suppliers.The early 1990s, car buyers in a very urban, and the benefits were a common source.The second category is the Multijet diesel engine fuel injection. This is the Fiat Group diesel engine system, a vast improvement in performance can CRDI engine is fuel in the combustion chamber syringe is used to obtain input. Essentially a spring gun; open the fuel pressure valve in order to produce energy, especially close.

The main Bio diesel engines are designed to provide high reliability to the selection of the most important parameters. At the same time, production costs, minimize, and design, “Lars Andersen, vice president, business, Watseka Ship Power is a very compact engine design parameters so that the engine room, now, shipyards, container ships and bulk carriers, oil tankers you a different type of vessel You can use the same module in the engine room.. In addition, owners and their crew training, spare parts, you can streamline the entire team. ship-owners, operators, shipyards and efficiency: a cold, players start the engine, a significant increase in the benefits promised speed in both axes are allowed, but flight. Stroke / hole ratio of 2-1 and is currently based on the ratio of the engine to get the kind of vessels, low engine speeds, 2-6% increase in the efficiency of internal efficiency, providing momentum Because it can be expected to expand the area, output: The layout of the engine in order to maintain a direct carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the level of the overall efficiency of vessels likely to provide 5-8% grade, or both, to improve may be sulfur oxides (SOX), nitrogen oxides , the shipyard because that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions EEDI the  it is easy to meet the requirements.

Ship, the most efficient propeller speed of the lowest daily fuel consumption and select the most cost-effective equipment that can enhance the field promote and provide the flexibility due to various types of. This concept, the first of the Watseka RTA / RT a-82-bore CS engines, successfully been applied to the flexibility. The new engine design, engine further Watseka common rail technology, efficiency and internal efficiency, to promote the, common rail technology is the electronic low-speed marine engine market control Leah dash claimed: electronically controlled common-rail fuel-injection engine technology and its owner, the valve Direct benefits of the latest to start the engine and cylinder lubrication. Watseka common-rail technology, flexible configuration, all running the engine speed, low fuel consumption, very low minimum speed, smoking behavior, providing better control and provide the release.


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